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Mike, James and John review a calamitous August when the clouds of autocracy began to gather over a dis-United Kingdom

2020: Orwellian fantasy, outrageous fiction or realistic prophecy?

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The key clicks in the lock, and the door swings open into my world…
Welcome to my café. My five-roomed empire. Each room named after a place I hold close to my heart.
One café, five rooms, five groups of people, all with their own stories to share and opinions to express.  

This is England, a country living through a period of rapid change and intense political conflict, in other words, now.

People of all ages, races and backgrounds gather within these walls to share their thoughts on everything from travel to humour, romance to politics, art to human interest.   

The Café with Five Faces is an eclectic mix of stories on the trials and tribulations of every day life. Grab a coffee, take a wander through the cafe’s rooms and learn about the lives and loves of those within.  

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