What the Walls Heard, 2019, Preface

For reasons I prefer not to divulge, my café only reopened its metal shutters in March. I feel like using one of those rolling-eye emojis as it would rather nicely sum up my feelings concerning the needless delay. But let’s move on beyond the financial and the trivial.

I still have my Vespa and therefore, according to one of my ‘esteemed’ customers, am still going through a midlife crisis, and who am I to argue? It gets me from home to work without traffic or parking issues on a daily basis and that’s good enough for me. One side of me feels quite cool riding it, I would be forced to admit, if Lois of the midlife crisis accusation actually pressed me in one of her probing television interview-like ‘conversations’.

I still have my café with its five city-themed (or not-themed in some cases) spaces. I gave up on my individual room menus and combined everything into one not very large tome managed by indents and sub-headings, and yes, it is almost as confusing to look at as it sounds.

And I still have my loyal core clientele, a slightly rag-bag assortment of individuals, although that isn’t to say they don’t have some things in common, as demonstrated by my Christmas and New Year party at the end of November. Those who were present to witness it are hardly likely to forget Mike, the rebellious centrist Tory, in full flow on his aspirations for the world in 2019, most of which went down extremely well with the largely alcohol-infused audience.

Maybe 2019 will bring some new regulars. One can but hope, otherwise, the shutters may remain permanently closed in 2020. Let’s see. Welcome again to The Café with Five Faces!

Oh, and to those who might have missed it in November, a very belated Happy New Year!

Published by thecafewithfivefaces

A traveller, an observer and a coffee fanatic, Chaelli has, to use a turn of phrase, been around a bit! He has travelled the world in his capacity as a trainer, working primarily in Europe, but also in South Africa, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and Central and South-East Asia. During this time, he has developed a particular affection for, and affinity with Beirut, Budapest, Cape Town and Granada, along with the much closer to home Hebden Bridge. Having spent many months in all of these places, he has named a room in his cafe after each of them, hence The Cafe with Five Faces. His 'day job' involves a lot of observation and he has used these 'skills', also known as 'nosiness', to put together The Cafe with Five Faces, a book of the stories his cafe's walls have overheard, and will continue to overhear. Delving back into the annals of history, Chaelli studied History and Politics and maintains an active interest in the latter, being a vocal member of most things anti-Brexit, a mistake he views as a form of national suicide. These days, he is studying for a Diploma in Coffee Skills and has so far taken courses in Beirut, London, Cape Town, Bogota and Villa de Leyva (Colombia). He has been a writer for a long time, starting with children's adventure stores written when barely a teen, through to materials and courses for English teachers and an as yet unpublished travelogue.

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