Blog: What the Walls Heard, 2019

Conkers, piercings, tattoos and bullying – a meander in Budapest with The Presence Jimez and Jen arrived together, something of a first and an occasion which might have led the non-aware into thinking they were a couple, which they most certainly were not, despite the former’s valiant attempts. To be honest, such attempts were a […]

Back from the march – the morning after gathering in my Hebden Bridge room “I read your book, young man.” Mrs Regular placed her comment carefully between two sips of Darjeeling, with the milk added first. I was quite flattered, twice over. It wasn’t the first time she had called me young but a few […]

What the walls heard – last week in my Cape Town room

How best could I describe the mood in Cape Town? Upbeat with reservations, I think. Mike was pleasantly stunned to find his early / mid-season prediction that he wouldn’t be watching Champions League football next season had proven shaky with a sudden resurgence which had moved his beloved Manchester United up to a tight four-way […]