Blog: What the Walls Heard, 2020

“The Café with Five Faces; what the walls heard, 2018-2019” – the brand new fully illustrated book, due for release, Spring 2020

Here’s a taster of one chapter: Mike (from the Cape Town room) gives his reaction to the December 2019 General Election result – as un-pretty as one might expect!

This particular Friday the thirteenth, that of December 2019, was probably the bleakest Friday the thirteenth ever. Many would say ‘definitely’. It was the day when the British electorate somehow managed to green-light something which our venerable and esteemed former Speaker, John Bercow, has, correctly in my view, decreed the biggest national mistake since the Second World War. As an analogy, imagine all the turkeys in the United Kingdom having a December vote in which the choice was a traditional turkey Christmas or a progressive, forward-looking vegetarian festive season. For some reason, the head turkey was in favour of the former, as he had an escape route, and by various means such as avoiding interviews, evading scrutiny and hiding in fridges, managed to persuade a sizeable minority of those eligible to vote that he was right and would get it done. As a result, due to an archaic electoral system which deprived many of a real voice, the turkeys did indeed vote for Christmas and suffered a consequent demise.

Now the head turkey in question, slavishly supported by his hench-fowl, the likes of Priti Chicken and the in-bred Eton mafia, and financially backed by his blinkered, mega-rich cronies, who were also safe from the damage their actions and policies would lead to, tell the rest of the poultry population, “We won, so shut up”. Faced with the prospect of being devoured or seeing one’s country flushed down the pan, we say, “No, we won’t shut the fuck up because we care and we know we are right and with evidence to prove so”.

The above was written by someone who regards himself to be a true moderate Conservative party supporter, someone now so disillusioned with the alt-right faction led by Johnson, he has lost all belief and trust.

A dark end to 2019; a dark decade looming ahead